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Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game

According to a study conducted by the Bible Society, many children cannot identify well-known Bible stories. Approximately 1 in 3 of the children surveyed did not recognize the Nativity as part of the Bible, and over half of them (59 percent) did not know that Jonah, who was swallowed by a great fish, is in the Bible. This demonstrates the decline in Bible literacy, and massively impacts our ability to understand and communicate the Gospel to others.

“The Bible is the foundation document of Western Civilization, but young people today know more about the comics stories than the Bible stories. Heroes is a project that speaks this new visual language through a trivia game that brings these ancient stories to life. We want everyone to realize that they are called to be heroes today, just like these characters from the past”, Sam Neves.
Learning about iconic Bible characters while having fun is the purpose of Heroes for its players. It is a free game, with an interactive quiz, and where the characters ask questions about their own stories to the user. The game creators hope it will help children, youth, and adults become better acquainted with some amazing Bible stories, thus promoting Bible literacy and fighting its current decline.